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Industrial and civil engineering

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OMEGA PROJECT ltd presents services in a field of industrial \residential\commercial buildings & sites design and engineering as follows:

Development of design & engineering documentation in accordance to existing Russian norms and standards.

  • Design and engineering at any stage of project: prior design and engineering, draft design, issue of design and engineering documentation, construction and engineering drawings development.
  • Design and engineering of buildings & sites both in case of new constructing works and reconstructing ones.
  • Technological calculating, assortment of the equipment required.
  • Receiving the approvals of corresponding inspection organizations.
  • Construction & Reconstruction Permit receiving.
  • Inspection while construction process proceeding.
  • 3D visual model presentation.

some specific services as well:

  • Development of exclusive software for design process automatization.
  • Adaptation of foreign design & engineering projects to Russian state norms and standards requirements.