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Industrial and civil engineering

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At the present Adaptation of foreign projects to Russian technical norms and standards requirements is one of vital tasks to be solved for both Customer and designing & engineering companies.

Process of harmony achieving between Russian technical norms and standards and the foreigners’ ones is proceeding nowadays. Nevertheless it is still quite hard to apply foreign projects directly to Russia soil without their adaptation.

Final target of foreign projects adaptation is their correspondence to Russian technical norms and standards requirements.

Adaptation practical results are also the following:

  • Proper technical translation of the project documentation into Russian;
  • Presenting the project’s data in the way that is clear for Russian building & montage companies;
  • Using Russia-made tools, devices, equipment and others that lead to reducing the project realization price.

Adaptation process is being fulfilled by our company includes:

  • Analysis and estimation of the foreign projects technical solutions to come to conclusion of their realization taking into account existing Russian technical norms and standards requirements;
  • Translation of foreign projects text and drawings using appropriate technical terms;
  • Remaking/editing foreign technical documentation in accordance with current Russian technical norms and standards both in its appearance and essence;
  • Interaction between our company’s specialists and the corresponding foreign ones to achieve an agreement for the changes being inserted in the project, if it is necessary;
  • Elaboration of the project additional parts that are necessary for receiving a positive experts commission decision according to the correspondence Russia government regulation;
  • Receiving the agreement of state experts commission and other supervision bodies for the foreign project technical documentation;
  • Elaboration of the project working drawings using Russia-made tools, devices and equipment;
  • Supervision for the building process.

Projects adapted by Omega Project ltd:

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant intended for cleaning of production sewage water. Complex project. Design & engineering documentation/ Construction drawings. "UK HYDROTECH Engineeing", Moscow. Febraury, 2013.
  • Polypropylen production. Construction and engineering drawings. "POLIOM" JSC, Omsk. 2011.